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Entrepreneur's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an eIncubator?
An eIncubator, sometimes called an accelerator, is a business incubator that assists companies with their online business strategies and online presence. The general goals of an eIncubator are to create a safe environment for early business development and to ensure the rapid growth and success of its business ventures. eIncubators provide a wide range of services, including financial resources, human resources, office services and equipment, and management advisory services. Like venture capital firms, eIncubators have a selection criteria and generally focus on a specific industry or market segment. Many eIncubators will accept companies in the very early stages of development. In exchange for their support and assistance, most eIncubators receive equity in the business ventures. Specific eIncubator policies will vary, due to a wide range of laws and generally accepted practices.

Why should I use
With the need for speed becoming increasingly important, many Internet start-ups and business ventures are looking for ways to accelerate their business development and growth. eIncubators can provide the necessary business resources and credibility to significantly increase your chances of success. In fact, the Impact of Incubator Investments Study states that 87% of incubator graduates are still in business. As the one-stop online resource connecting you with a global network of eIncubators, can quickly put you in contact with quality eIncubators in your regional area.

What are the necessary qualifications? is looking for a wide range of applicants. We can assist entrepreneurs with just an idea to small start-ups that are looking for additional business services and resources. Depending on the specific requirements of eIncubators in your regional area, business qualifications will vary.

What information is necessary to sign-up?
The basic information necessary to register with is contact information, regional location, business idea, and eIncubation services required. Depending on the specific requirements of eIncubators in your regional area, the amount and level of information will vary. Therefore, we recommend you fill out as much information as possible on our Entrepreneur sign-up form.

How much does charge entrepreneurs for its services?
Our services are completely free! We want to make sure that everyone has access to our global network. Therefore, our services are designed to help companies grow their online businesses quickly and succeed in the Internet age.

What happens after I register?
After you submit you application, our staff may contact you with follow-up questions to better understand your eIncubation needs. Based on this information, we will identify potential eIncubators and start-up services from our database. We will contact you for approval to circulate your information to our "targeted" eIncubators and then contact them with the appropriate information. If there is mutual interest, we will give you the eIncubator's specific contact information so you can begin discussions directly with them. It's that simple!

Who sees my application?
As stated in our privacy statement, all of your information, not just the sensitive information, is kept confidential within Only employees who need the information to perform a specific task are granted access to your information. ALL employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices.

We do everything in our power to protect your information both online and off-line. We do not pass it along without discussion and agreement from you. All submitted information is treated as confidential by our staff, partners, and advisors. The information you submit is used to evaluate your business and eIncubation needs. Because we review so many business proposals, we do not sign formal confidentiality agreements, since it would be difficult to pinpoint the origin of an idea. The ability to receive the appropriate resources to grow your business quickly is often more important than the confidentiality of the idea. Therefore, we want to make sure that you receive those resources as quickly as possible. Please do not send us any highly confidential or proprietary information. We can usually evaluate a business opportunity without that level of detail.

How long does the process take?
There are many variables that determine how long the process takes. We will work as quickly as possible to put you in touch with the right eIncubator and/or start-up services. And, throughout the process, we will keep you posted on our activities and expected time lines. However, depending on the number of eIncubators in your regional area and your business needs, this time will vary. We also recommend that you continue other efforts to meet your business needs in conjunction with to increase your chances of meeting your goals most quickly.

I am NOT a North American resident; can I still apply?
Absolutely, is a global eIncubator Network! We are committed to working with entrepreneurs and eIncubators worldwide.

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