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eIncubator's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an eIncubator?
An eIncubator, sometimes called an accelerator, is a business incubator that assists companies with their online business strategies and online presence. The general goals of an eIncubator are to create a safe environment for early business development and to ensure the rapid growth and success of its business ventures. eIncubators provide a wide range of services, including financial resources, human resources, office services and equipment, and management advisory services. Like venture capital firms, eIncubators have a selection criteria and generally focus on a specific industry or market segment. Many eIncubators will accept companies in the very early stages of development. In exchange for their support and assistance, most eIncubators receive equity in the business ventures. Specific eIncubator policies will vary, due to a wide range of laws and generally accepted practices.

Why should I use
With the number of business plans and entrepreneurs looking for business incubation services, it is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming for eIncubators to manage the initial screening process. works closely with your organization to understand your screening process and criteria. Our mission is to provide quality leads that fit within your targeted markets and meet your expectations and area of expertise. By freeing up your screening time, enables you to focus on building successful business ventures rather than sorting through piles of business plans and inquiries.

What information must I provide? requires basic contact information and offered services in our eIncubator registration form. However, our staff will contact you after reviewing your application to better understand your specific needs and eIncubation services.

Who sees my registration information?
As stated in our privacy statement, all of your information, not just the sensitive information, is kept strictly confidential within Only employees who need the information to perform a specific task are granted access to organization-specific information. ALL employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices.
We will NOT share any information you provide with outside parties unless you have given us explicit permission to do so.

What happens after I register?
After you submit your application, our staff may contact you with follow-up questions to better understand your eIncubation goals and criteria. Based on this information, we will identify potential business ventures from our database. We will then contact the business ventures to receive approval to pass along their information to you. If there is agreement, we will give you the business venture's specific contact and business information so you can begin discussions directly with them. It's that simple!

We are NOT a North American organization; can we still apply?
Absolutely, is a global eIncubator Network! We are committed to working with entrepreneurs and eIncubators worldwide.

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If you have any additional questions, please send us a note at or call us at (206) 600-7010.